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Tame tension, create calm, sleep peacefully, with guided imagery meditations that manage stress and bring balance to your day.

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Plan for a Day

“This weekend I went to my local garden center and got my first spring time ‘fix’. Red and coral geraniums, azure blue lobelia, marigolds and sun flowers popping their colors and textures and promises of warm sun on my skin, redolent fresh dirt just waiting to take flowers in … it’s all coming! […]

Change Your Mind

“You can change your mind anytime that you want. A very favorite teacher of mine used to say, “Just remember, it seemed like a good idea at the time.” And now, something else seems like a good idea. We all change; we expand with each of life’s experiences. […]

Value Yourself

“Having lunch with a friend last week, she related the overwhelm she feels in her life right now. Work, relationship and family demand so much of her time and attention, she feels lost in the mix. And yet, each and every one of them is so important to her happiness, and she wants to be the one who is always there for them … how can she possibly say no to any of it? […]

Consciously Intend

“How many times do you have conversations in your head with yourself or someone else, justifying, explaining, proving you’re right, worrying about “it”? We waste so many precious moments revisiting what we might have said, or justifying why we did…reliving the past and blaming ourselves or ’them’. […]

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When I began studying (Abraham-Hicks) Law of Attraction material with Peg Davis, my 15 year old business was in so much trouble that I had hired a bankruptcy lawyer to help me. Within three years of working with Peg, not only was that company thriving, but I had built seven other companies and had multimillion dollar offers to sell pieces of some of them.

Then I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer. Using the teachings of Peg and a combination of hypnotherapy, Reiki, and the teachings of Abraham, within eight weeks my cancer was 100% gone. I even knew it was gone before my doctors did. In short, Peg helped save my life.”

Bill Christian, President/CEO, Vision Communications, LLC