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Tame tension, create calm, sleep peacefully, with guided imagery meditations that manage stress and bring balance to your day.

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Intentionally Intend

“Thought is the creative vehicle of the universe. What we think about and focus on, blossoms in our life. Everything that is physical around us was once just a thought in someone’s mind. Our intention moves energy, creates and brings into manifested reality what we intend.  […]

Find Something Positive to Think About

“When there’s someone in your life that is not pleasant to be around, or interact with, it’s difficult to think accepting, happy thoughts about that individual. Here’s a really good reason to find a way  to do just that, however….as we think, about people or situations, or ourselves…..those creative, alive thoughts go out (vibrationally, like radio signals) and meet other thoughts. […]

New Found Space

“This is a time for clearing out space of everything that no longer serves us. As I look into my closets, what have I not worn, what have I not needed, what no longer fits? Whether I’m gazing at physical or emotional clutter, it’s time to clear and cleanse! […]

Everything Begins Again, NOW!

“Isn’t it wonderful that our point of power is in this moment? The past is gone, the future isn’t here yet, and we can choose to be, and think and act from NOW. I can choose to laugh at life (and myself) and not be offended by anyone or anything. I can speak healing words and actions that come from my heart. I can feel empowered as I delight in knowing I am unique and lovable and loving – there’s no one like me in the universe. […]

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When I began studying (Abraham-Hicks) Law of Attraction material with Peg Davis, my 15 year old business was in so much trouble that I had hired a bankruptcy lawyer to help me. Within three years of working with Peg, not only was that company thriving, but I had built seven other companies and had multimillion dollar offers to sell pieces of some of them.

Then I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer. Using the teachings of Peg and a combination of hypnotherapy, Reiki, and the teachings of Abraham, within eight weeks my cancer was 100% gone. I even knew it was gone before my doctors did. In short, Peg helped save my life.”

Bill Christian, President/CEO, Vision Communications, LLC