The universe is like a rich tapestry, the design delicately interwoven by every organism that lives within it, making its unique contribution to the whole.  We, complex organisms that we are, with our systems of blood, bone, tissue, electrical impulses, chemical flows and life force energy, are like the universe; every thread within the complex design is contributing to the beautiful pattern that our mind, heart and eyes ultimately discern.

We are body, mind and spirit.  When one (or more) parts of our intricately functioning system become wounded, the entire design is affected as other parts-physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual beliefs-become stressed, break down or over compensate to keep the system going.

Holistic counseling addresses the source of the problem.

For example: a client is having trouble focusing or quieting an anxious, racing mind.  In the course of exploring/creating solutions for the problem, our work together may also examine eating and sleeping habits, nutritional needs, family and work dynamics, sources of stress, physical unrest or lack of ease.

I assist  my clients in creating solutions for their lives.  The “tool box” may include cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy and guided imagery, relaxation and meditation techniques, aromatherapy, Reiki, past life regression therapy.

Practical, doable, successful solutions are the reason so many people are referred to me by doctors, therapists, medical and alternative practitioners … and satisfied family and friends who have reclaimed the personal joy and stability they were seeking.

Photo credit and copyrighted: ACKC Photography