“I’ve just finished reading “Thrive–Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way”, by National Geographic author Dan Buettner. His first book was “The Blue Zones”, in which he researched areas around the world where people live to be over a hundred, and are healthy centenarians. (Walking five miles a day figured big on the list of health-giving things to do). In his newest endeavor, he researches people globally who rank themselves as very, very happy. The United States as a country ranks 20 on the happiness scale….

Surprisingly, few of the individuals cited in the book live lives that seem enviable. Several live lifestyles that are filled with hardship, poverty, environmental restrictions, and more. So why are they so darn happy? What’s their secret? Buettner writes well, and uses many good and thoughtful words to draw conclusions from the copious research he explored. However, I think a mere three words could have revealed their secret to being happy: “Be in appreciation.” The common denominator in each person cited is a strong belief of being blessed (by God, friends, family, circumstances….one or all of these). Each person APPRECIATES heartily whatever life holds, and praises providence for their ‘good fortune’.

Be in appreciation. Be happy.” – Peg Davis – BodyMind Wellness

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