“Choose, in a general way, what you want Law of Attraction (LOA) to respond to. For example: “Yes, I prefer this, to this.”

If you are in your wake state (awake, not sleeping), LOA is always responding. So, in general terms, describe what you want and why you want it. If you try to figure out “how” it’s going to happen, the momentum of your thoughts will take you into fear and self-doubt and all the reasons it can’t happen.

If you want a pleasant day, write a short 2-3 sentences about what is a pleasant day for you: “I like it when the sun is shining, I meet smiling people, in fact I’m looking for smiles today! I’ll be easy about it and smile at everyone I meet.”

As you think in those terms each day, your days will begin to take on an easier, flowing quality.

So, appreciate yourself and the things in your life that are feeling good, be easy about it, keep it general, don’t be too specific. Choose in a general way what you want, and LOA will respond to it.

And remember, when you are trying new ways of doing things, or attempting to make a new habit, write a word or words (that will remind you of your intention for the day) on sticky notes and put them where you will see them. The conscious level of your mind likes things the way they are…doesn’t feel comfortable with change….and will help you “forget” your new intentions, unless you keep reminding yourself!

Have fun with it, keep it light. As you understand and use your powerful thoughts in this co-creative process, your days and your life will change in positive and rewarding ways.” ~ Peg Davis – BodyMind Wellness

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