“I’ve worked with other therapists who seem to have an agenda to fit me into a formula. You have this bag of tools that you choose from to uniquely work with each client … it worked, I’m happy. Thank you.” ~ S.E., MBA   

“You raised my vibration! It made the rest of the day hysterical! Work turned out amazingly funny and awesome … going into your office really does bump up your vibration and helped to change the rest of the day.” ~ K.C., PhD

 “Peg made the course exciting with positive energy. I enjoyed the entire day. It re-energized me.” ~ Nancy L.

“(Peg’s class) gave me the motivation I was looking for.” ~ John Brown

“Someone said a true teacher is not one who just imparts knowledge, but one who gives others an opportunity for life changes. You and Reiki have given me this opportunity. 

 You are a special person and have treated me, not only with acceptance but with a kindness and gentleness I had forgotten I needed. Thank you for … Reiki, and for the peace that I have started to obtain – my heart has a journey all its own … 

 With highest respect and regard.” ~ ‘Grasshopper’, RN

“First Peg Davis changed my life. Then she saved it.

When I began studying (Abraham-Hicks) Law of Attraction material with Peg Davis, my 15 year old business was in so much trouble that I had hired a bankruptcy lawyer to help me. Within three years of working with Peg, not only was that company thriving, but I had built seven other companies and had multimillion dollar offers to sell pieces of some of them.

Then I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer. Using the teachings of Peg and a combination of hypnotherapy, Reiki, and the teachings of Abraham, within eight weeks my cancer was 100% gone. I even knew it was gone before my doctors did. In short, Peg helped save my life.” ~ Bill Christian, President & CEO, Vision Communications, LLC

“Zen and Zest Meditation and Writing class has changed my wellbeing in exponential ways.

Before taking this class last Fall, I thought I was meditating effectively, and assumed I was pretty good at journaling my thoughts and intentions. So I didn’t expect to gain much from taking this course. Honestly, I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG!

My ability to really meditate, with productive writing techniques has become my new Superpower! Peg’s teachings and guidance and the shared experience with others brought my NEW meditation and writing practice into the light with love.

Thanks, Peg! You certainly are extremely awesome at what you do.”