Trainings and individual treatments are available.  Treatments can be in person or absentee (distance) treatments.

Trainings are offered several times a year in Original Usui Form First, Second, and Third Degree Reiki, with lineage to Dr. Mikao Usui. I was trained as a Reiki Master in Reiki I and II in 1996, and as a third-degree Reiki Master/Teacher in 1997, under the guidance of Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D., and with direct lineage to original Reiki Grand Master Dr. Mikao Usui.

Reiki healing can be performed in person or at any distance. Reiki is a natural, hands-on healing method. The word Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is Japanese, meaning “universal life energy.”

When I use Reiki, I am channeling universal life force energy through my hands to the recipient. Reiki not only promotes healing in the physical body, it also balances and  harmonizes the person receiving the treatment emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Reiki helps relieve stress, fatigue, pain and can reduce swelling. It is a wonderful addition to traditional  medicine and integrative therapies. Minor illnesses such as colds or infection may resolve after only one or two treatments. Research has shown that regular Reiki treatments can reduce the time it takes for broken bones to heal.

In many hospitals in a bi-state area, Reiki is used by members of the staff I have trained in Reiki methodology.

Known as an ancient healing art for thousands of years and mentioned in the Buddhist sutras (sacred writings), Reiki was lost for centuries, then rediscovered by a Christian monk named Dr. Mikao Usui in the 1800s. He studied Sanskrit texts for clues to these ancient secret healings and later received the entire system of Reiki during a 21-day fast on Mt. Kuriyama in Japan.

Reiki Lineageiris

Dr. Mikao Usui

Dr. Clifford Hayashi

Mrs. Hawaya Takata

Iris Ishikuro

Arthur Robertson, Ph.D.

Marilyn Miller

Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D.

Margaret N. Davis, MS, CRT

“Thank you, Peg, for assisting me along my path of healing myself and helping others. Your trainings and guidance have been life-changing for me.” — Laura D.

“I’m so happy I learned Reiki from you. I now have real comfort to offer to loved ones in pain or discomfort or grief. And my 2nd Degree level training boosted my confidence immensely. Thank you!” — L. B.

“You’re right!  Learning and using Reiki has kept my own emotional clearing going. Thank you so much for encouraging me to make the commitment.” — S.B.

“In residents feeling pain, Reiki enhances the efficacy of pain medication, decreases anxiety and promotes relaxation and sleep. It has proven effective in reducing agitation and nervousness in cognitively impaired patients.” ~ Gail Murray, RN, past Nursing Supervisor Corning Hospital … Currently Director, The Good Shepherd Village, Endwell, NY  

“I had lower back pain for as long as I can remember. Two months after taking Peg’s First Degree Reiki training and doing self treatments – it dawned on me – my back pain was gone! Two years later, it has not returned.” ~ Gail Hammond